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Jump is a Kiwi recruitment company backed by decades of experience running and owning successful businesses. We know your industry inside out, and we know how to find the people your business needs to thrive.  

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Jump Recruitment New Zealand

About Us.

Jump aren’t like most recruiters. Our team have spent decades running businesses in the hospitality, retail and recruitment industries, giving us a unique understanding of how to own and run a successful business. We know your problems because we’ve faced them too. We’re here to help you find a solution by securing the right talent. 

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Clubs New Zealand Recruitment by Jump Recruitment


The working men’s clubs, RSAs and sports clubs of New Zealand have so much history and heart, and an awesome community spirit. Our focus has been to help them keep serving their loyal members, grow in numbers and remain financially viable. To do this we have been able to help them adapt to changing demographics and customer preferences.

To do this, clubs need to recruit the best talent they can find.

Jump Recruitment New Zealand

I'm a Candidate.

We know it can be tough to advance your career in the hospitality, tourism and retail industries. Tap into our network of employers and our expert advice to get ahead.
Jump Recruitment New Zealand

I'm an Employer.

We don’t just fill vacant positions. We learn about you and your business and help you find the talent your business needs to jump higher.
Heading Home NZ by Jump Recruitment
Heading Home NZ by Jump Recruitment

Heading Home.

All you need, in one place.

After you’ve been overseas for a while, coming home to New Zealand can feel daunting. Finding an exciting job that will help you take the next step in your career should be your first priority.

Heading Home is here to help with all the hard stuff so that you can enjoy the good bits like reuniting with family and drinking real coffee again. Best of all, our service is completely free for candidates!