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Jump Recruitment’s team have spent years as bartenders, restaurant and retail shop owners and operations managers, which has given us industry experience and knowledge that few other recruiters have.

We understand your business and the industry it operates in, so we know how important it is finding the right people we also know where to find them. 

Whether you need a hand filling a one-off position, or an ongoing consultation, Jump Recruitment are here to help.

  • Hospitality

    ​Running a hospitality business can be hard work — believe us, we know! The key to longevity and success is hiring people that make your business stand out from the crowd.Your staff need to be reliable with solid work history, a proven track record and a personality that matches you and your bran...

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  • Tourism

    ​In order to thrive, tourism businesses need top talent in several fields; from marketing and sales professionals, to tour guides and operations managers. We have a network of high quality candidates in tourism hotspots throughout New Zealand, which lets us source the best talent on the market in...

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  • Executive

    In any industry much of the success or failure of any business is determined by the leadership. Unfortunately, the higher up the ladder you go, the more the talent pool shrinks, which can make finding the right person near impossible. After decades in the industry, we have a network of contacts t...

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  • Retail

    Our team have owned retail businesses and managed countrywide retail chains, so we understand what you need to make your retail business a success. We work across all sectors of the retail industry, from supermarkets and fuel to luxury jewellery — and everything in-between.Jump looks for retail c...

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