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Our hiring process

Our hiring process.

Our hiring process is designed to be stress-free and easy for our clients, while guaranteeing great results. 

  1. Consultation.
    We get to know your business, outline the vacant position, write a job description with you and make recommendations on remuneration and packages based on industry trends.

  2. The search.
    We broadcast your job to thousands through social media, our website, popular job boards and our massive database of high-quality candidates. 

  3. Selection and screening.
    We sort through resumes, portfolios and profiles to find candidates who fit your position on paper. We shortlist the best candidates then speak to them over the phone to get a feel for their personality and what they can really achieve. 

  4. Formal interviews.
    Once we’ve trimmed our shortlist down, we conduct formal interviews. We talk about candidate’s skills, their past experience and salary expectations and we check their references. 

    At this stage, we forward a shortlist of candidates to you to review, including the reasons why we chose each one and who we preferred for the role. Your business now has the chance to interview candidates (with our help if required). 

  5. Selection and negotiation.
    We help you select the best candidate for the job then help you negotiate salaries, benefits and contracts as required. 

  6. Regular check-ins.
    During the first few months of a candidate starting a position, we regularly check in with you to assess their progress and help ensure they’re on the right track.